Gift Certificates

Looking for the perfect gift? Come in and ask about our gift certificates. Make gift-giving easy with our Tong Fong Low gift certificates.

The Holiday Season

This year is passing us by quick! We here at Tong Fong Low believes that family should be the core of our fast paced lives. We know that our job won't take care of us when we are sick. Our family and friends will. So stay in touch. Invite them out for lunch or dinner here at Tong Fong Low.

Have Family Time at Tong Fong Low

A great way to spend time with your family is here at Tong Fong Low. We have the best Chinese cuisine in the Butte County area. Bring the whole family to join you for a feast.

For you connivence, you can join us either at the Chico location or the Oroville location. The address is to your right on the sidebar.

See you there!

We are on Google!

We have updated our Google information. If you google "Tong Fong Low", you will see new pictures and new information about us.

If you are in Chico, it will pull up our restaurant in Chico and if you are in Oroville, it will pull up Oroville's restaurant. How cool is that? 

Google us today and give us a review.

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I don't know about you but I love the Tong Fong Low Special. Every bite just melts in your mouth. Let us know what dish is your favorite!